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How long do you plan on needing the container(s)? - This is a very important question because all major container rental companies have customers who rent containers for years and then do not understand why they do not own the container(s). Rental rates are structured as such that the rent does not apply towards the purchase of the container. Rental rates are very competitive and companies often lose money on delivery and pickup charges with the intention of making up for this loss in rental fees. The bottom line is that if you need the container for a few years or permanently you will be much better off purchasing a container.

Is your location adequate to host your container? - This is a very important question because there are requirements involved.

a) Delivery space: Proper delivery space is required in order for the delivery of the container to be possible. As a general rule of thumb you will need twice the length of the container plus 10 feet in a straight line to deliver the container with a standard tilt bed "roll off" style truck bed or trailer. Adequate clearance and width is also required but the amount of length is typically the issue that tends to be a problem at delivery. It is very common for people to assume that because they have 40 ft of space they can accommodate a 40ft container.

b) Restrictions: Certain sub developments, cities and counties have restrictions against containers. It is normally up to you to research this fact. Most container companies cover multiple cities and areas and you cannot expect them to keep track of all municipal restrictions in multiple areas. 

c) Location: The container needs to be in a good location. Is the location level? If not the doors may not function properly. If you plan to put your container in a location that is not level be prepared at delivery with wood blocks to assist the delivery driver in leveling the container. Adequate drainage? The areas should also have adequate drainage to avoid sinking.

What type of container condition are you expecting? In the container market there are good deals and there are really bad deals and everything in between. Good deals will most likely be a great container for a good price. If you come across a deal that is "too good to be true", like in most other cases, it probably is. Make sure you are very clear with the company you choose; what you are expecting condition. 

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Modified containers are very popular and an excellent choice. Most mobile storage companies offer modified units and will work with you on the best container for your needs. Although painting containers is always a good idea some modifications have negative aspects. Popular "roll up doors" for example are not as secure and do not last as long as the standard Cargo door. Another fact to think about is that standard shipping containers are manufactured to create a weather proof 100% seal. If you modify the container in certain ways you may be compromising the inherent advantages associated with a water tight sealed container.Visit our modifications page on this web site when your done reading this article. When you speak to our sales manager, be very clear and specific about your modifications needs and expectations. 

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Factory Paint.
These containers are manufactured, and painted in a controlled environment using multiple layer paint application. There are advantages of this process over the typical container refurbishment. These units are not old containers made to look newer. They are exactly what they look like, new containers. Refurbished containers can have rust issues under the paint. There are often rusty deteriorated steel containers with the rust simply painted over. Chances are you will also receive a container that was sprayed outdoors with water based paint which will only last a shorter amount of time then the factory paint. Not all refurbished units are bad containers. If the rust is ground off and the container is primered where the steel is exposed, you will not have issues with your refurbished container. Selecting a new container will take the guess work out of this completely.

No shipping label.
These containers are not painted bright colors with a shipping label company advertisement on them. They are typically solid one color and do not need to be repainted.

No let down and no surprises.
These containers are considered “like new” and you will not be surprised or have to worry about the condition your container(s) will be when they arrive at your location.

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Containers are now available in all major metropolitan areas throughout the nation. An alliance has formed a network of small businesses that are familiar with your needs and agree to adopt and follow the Container Alliance Code of Ethics. This guide is designed to help you become familiar with industry terminology, container uses, common questions and problems.

This sale guide serves to help you get informed about buying a shipping / mobile storage container.

The first decision is to decide between renting or purchasing the container(s). If you plan on needing the container for an extremely long term or permanently, it is probably better to purchase rather then rent the container.  Before you make your purchase you should think about and research any municipal rules against containers in your area, in this case we would recommend that you contact your local city or county to determine if any local ordinances against containers exist. If you are unsure, or need more info or help with your municipality please contact the National Portable Storage Association.

If you plan to make a container purchase, you have many options. Containers are available in variable sizes and types. The most common is a dry freight container with a cargo door on one end. The dry storage containers or "dry vans" are very prevalent around the globe with millions in circulation. By far the most common is 20' storage or shipping containers and 40' Storage or shipping containers. You have the option of purchasing dry, insulated, refrigerated or modified containers, in various sizes. Availability varies by location across the county, but is general it will be easiest to find 20' and 40' containers. Please keep in mind that any time you stray from the common sizes and types you will pay much more and increase the risk of receiving a container in substandard condition. 

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One of the buzziest is Burro Cheese Kitchen, hawking "artisan grilled cheese sandwiches" from a bright yellow shipping container.

AZ Containers has been providing mobile storage to greater Phoenix and across Arizona since 2002. We have built our growing business on the merits of being highly receptive and appreciative to all of our customers, delivering one-on-one service and high-quality products, and being flexible to respond quickly and effectively to meet our customers’ diverse array of needs. 

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Temporary storage container homes provide housing solutions in a number of settings—including military bases, disaster relief camps, and remote work sites. Although the reasons for using these homes vary, there are some key features in a temporary shipping container home that everyone wants and expects. 
Here are just a few:

1. Amenities

Everyone wants to feel comfortable. A good night’s sleep and a low-stress living area can dramatically improve people’s health and work performance. For that reason, storage container homes are normally equipped with at least a few basic amenities. (Of course, you can add more and customize however you want.) 

Here are some of the basics:

    ▪    Solid flooring 

    ▪    Windows

    ▪    Electricity

    ▪    HVAC

    ▪    Insulation

    ▪    Running water, toilets, and showers

For longer use cases, with an emphasis on residential comforts, containers can be modified to include pretty much anything you could find in a permanent residence. 

2. Efficiency 

Space is usually limited in a situation where temporary housing is needed, as is budget. As a result, efficiency is of the utmost importance.

3. Ease of Set-Up, Break-Down, and Transportation 

By nature, temporary homes are designed to be inhabited for a limited period of time and then moved to where they are needed next. Additionally, speedy set-up is essential in disaster relief situations. Therefore, the ease of portability is one of the most important features in a temporary shipping container home. Shipping container homes can be easily set up and broken down, as well as transported using normal shipping channels. 

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Containers are ideal for storing deer feeds and other equipment and supplies that hunters need while in the wilderness. You can also have some modified into portable buildings and set up as discreet shelters or outposts for use by hunters on your property.

Sportsmen also use our containers for storage for ATVs and other sporting gear as well as our portable buildings for heavy-duty, secure camp lodging. containers can be used in camps throughout the world, as both safari and ecological camp housing.

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    ▪   Secure On-Site Storage

    ▪   Temporary or Permanent

    ▪   Weatherproof Storage

AZ Containers products are rugged, and are the perfect solution for industrial storage. Our secure storage containers offer wind and water tight storage for your products, raw materials, additional inventory or waste holding. If you are remodeling, moving or just need more space a storage container from AZ is the perfect solution. Rent a storage container for temporary storage right on your property, or purchase a storage container today for use as a permanent storage solution for your business.

    ▪   Reclaim Space

    ▪   Equipment Storage

    ▪   Workspace

    ▪   Seasonal Equipment

    ▪   Waste Storage

    ▪   Pre-Fab Addition

   •   Inventory Control

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Let us convert a storage container to fit your unique requirements. Our knowledgeable staff at AZ CONTAINER  has over 20 years experience with custom container modifications to assist you from start to finish.

Select from the categories to learn more about the custom modification we offer. Our modification abilities are not limited to the products and options mentioned. We are able to convert a storage container to your specs and accommodate any of your needs.

As always, our container specialists are available to speak with you directly. Feel free to give us a call today. We are happy to work with you one on one to discuss the right container modifications for you, contact Rolando @AZ Containers at 602-723-9608.

From the simplest to the most elaborate project…we can and will meet your needs!

Do you have heat sensitive items that you need to store? Don't let the hot weather stop you; just let AZ Container  help. Our AZ Container A/C Boxes are the same as our regular boxes: same dimensions, same durability, same security, same convenience. The only difference is the containers come with insulation and air conditioning so you control the temperature. How cool is that?

Our climate controlled portable storage containers are insulated ISO containers and are equipped with a Heat/Cool Air Conditioner.  You can run either 110V power or 220V power to power the unit. The AZ Container A/C Box is designed to create climate controlled storage and maintain room temperature.


Standard containers and require no foundations or structural assembly. They are wind and water-tight to protect your things from the elements. AZ Containers Boxes are extremely durable because they are built with:

    ▪    1" foil-backed rigid foam insulation (3R rated) attached to interior walls

    ▪    Air conditioning, heating, lighting, and electrical systems

    ▪    16 gauge vertically corrugated galvanized steel

    ▪    Double, asymmetrical steel doors with ground-level entry

    ▪    Heavy-duty, marine-grade wood flooring

    ▪    Die-stamped steel roof

    ▪    Wind and water tight

We know your things, even your perishable things, are important to you. We'll help keep them safe and cool while they're stored until you're ready to use them. For additional information regarding our storage containers for rental or sales, contact Rolando @AZ Containers at 602-723-9608.