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Shipping Containers have become very popular now that architects have found new and innovative ways in which to use them. We have seen many houses made of containers and even some commercial spaces. Today we’re going to take a look at an office building which shares a similar story. This is Room 11, a company office in Sunshine, Victoria.

The design is complex and very interesting. The offices and the reception area are organized around a courtyard. The meeting room, the kitchen and the managers’ offices also have access to other courtyards.

There’s a total of 4 courtyards. The whole project was completed using 20ft and 40ft containers. The containers have been positioned in such a way that they form a complete rectangle with 4 courtyards on the inside. The ends of the containers have been replaced with full height glazing.

The ceiling is insulated and it has a membrane roof. The ends of the containers have also been reused to create insulated panels. The interior design is simple and modern with industrial flair. The building is situated in an industrial area so the design fits it perfectly. The internal gardens and courtyards create a peaceful environment sheltered by the closed design. It was very smart to design the building like that. Ask the sales team at AZ Containers as a support, they're there to help you build your dream. For additional information please contact our Sales Staff at 602-723-9608 option 1.

The desire to green up our lives slowly opened our eyes to a whole new range o possibilities regarding numerous ways in which we can change our lifestyle for the better.  Storage Container home are just an example. And speaking of that, take a look at this lovely house. 

Designed and built by 2 developers along with their architect,this is a house made of 4 shipping containers. It’s situated on the outskirts of downtown Houston and it’s a very inspiring project.

Ask the sales team at AZ Containers as a support, they're there to help you build your dream. For additional information please contact our Sales Staff at 602-723-9608 option 1


When you think of how we managed to develop as a species and how we became what we are today, you can’t ignore the fact that luck played an important role. However, it’s our ingenuity and our ability to adapt that allowed us to rule the planet. Just think of how much the world has changed in your lifetime for example. A few years ago we didn’t have the tallest building in the world and we didn’t know that houses could be built from unusual things such as pallets or shipping containers. Now it’s a relatively common thing.

This is just one of the many structures built out of shipping containers. It’s a new S.F. shop and it was built using three shipping containers.The structures were stacked on top one another and they now form a three-level building. The carbon-colored containers give the shop a simple and modern look, like most contemporary creations.

The design of the shop is not exactly unheard of. However, considering the materials used to build it, we can definitely agree that it was an unusual project. Once you step inside the building, it has a very familiar and inviting look. This just shows that it’s possible to maintain appearances even when you’re taking a more unusual approach such as, for example, using nontraditional materials and building techniques.

Ask the sales team at AZ Containers as a support, they're there to help you build your dream. For additional information please contact our Sales Staff at 602-723-9608 option 1.

Boxed in on both sides, this once-homely little garage space is now a cozy high-end condo, its rusted white corrugated metal front replaced with a still-concealing wood facade serving to hide something much more dynamic inside.

Designed by FABRE/deMARIEN, this ‘100% Box’ home features white walls and ceilings, reinforcing lightness and openness toward the front of the space, an area containing a kitchen and dining room as well as a front entry deck.

A wood-paneled box in back serves all kinds of additional functions, housing a series of desk and seating built-ins, enclosing a small bathroom and supporting the elevated bedroom with bed and storage above.

The sloping roof helps provide higher ceilings in the back spaces as well as accommodating the additional needs of the raised bedroom area, with periodic sunlights to help illuminate all of the above. Enclosed on all sides, this urban infill lot reuse manages to feel spacious and open despite the limitations of its site.

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Our ISO Containers are designed with highly engineered thermal insulation and a rugged, durable construction that ensures your low-pressure, low-temperature liquid has a safe journey when traveling long distances for extended periods of time. With versatility in mind, our LNG ISO Containers are optimized specifically for transporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) worldwide by rail, sea, and road.

These reliable, low-maintenance containers come in a variety of working pressures, carry up to 12,000 US gallons (gross) and are currently offered in either 20 or 40-foot lengths. We also comply with important codes and standards including ASME/DOT, RID, IMDG, ADR, ISO, and TPED.

The 40’ LNG ISO tank containers are designed to carry up to 11.685 US gallons (gross) LNG and the 20’ LNG ISO tank containers are designed to carry up to 4.863 US gallons (gross) LNG, both with the lowest tare weight and maximum robustness. Stainless steel is preferred as inner vessel material where as carbon steel and stainless is preferred for outer vessel. Other materials are available upon request. Multi-compartment specialized heating and cooling systems configurations are also available upon request.


 Product Highlights


        Solid, reliable, durable construction

        Higher payload, lower tare weight

        Engineered for safe operation

        Made to carry up to 11,880 US gallons (gross)


        Worldwide sales and distribution service.

For additional information please contact our Sales Staff at 602-723-9608 option 1 and ask about all the modifications we can offer.20 ft. & 40 ft. LNG ISO Containers

Second hand containers are a cost-effective way for a business to store documents, files and equipment, or use them for shipping large amounts of items. They come in a variety of sizes and can be insulated or non-insulated, depending on the goods being stored or shipped.

Before choosing second hand containers, it is important to first ascertain the quantity of goods that will go into them and whether they have any special requirements, such as an airtight environment to preserve them for a longer time. Refrigerated containers are also available, which are ideal for storing or shipping perishable items such as food.

It is also a good idea to decide early on which items will be stored with others to make the most efficient use of the second hand containers, as well as seeing whether they can be bought singly or in bulk, which may provide an attractive discount.

Start by submitting your outline requirements in our simple enquiry form to receive free no obligation quotes from 4 leading second hand storage container suppliers.

For additional information please contact our Sales Staff at 602-723-9608 option 1 and ask about all the modifications we can offer.


The day you walk into your local building department and say: “I want to build a home from shipping containers…” What do you think will happen? For jurisdictions that have no clue what you are talking about or just aren’t open to the idea, you are facing an uphill battle. What to do?

Even if you have credentials in design like an architect or engineer, that is no guarantee that you will get even a toe in the door of getting your home plans considered; let alone, a building permit. You may really like the area for maybe picking up a few acres that you want to make your own. Common sense tells me that if you go equipped with some pictures, drawings and maybe even some professional-looking renderings of your proposed home, you could get them to look and listen to your ideas. What would be great is if you establish a good contact at the building department–this will better your odds immensely.

Of course, before you even consider buying land for the sole purpose of putting up a container home, you had better check with the building department before you lay down any money. Why get stuck with a piece of land you can’t use for your building plans, right?

Where do you turn? I would download some images of nice homes built using shipping containers.  Hire a person to draw up your design; even just an exterior rendering. It could be worth the money to get things rolling in the right direction. If you are computer savvy, you could use Sketch-up from GOOGLE to design your home. Do all the research you can and prepare yourself so that you can field any questions they throw at you without looking clueless.

Be armed with all the ammo you can get. There are a bunch of people out there who have never heard of a container home.

As the sales team at AZ Containers as a support, they're there to help you build your dream. For additional information please contact our Sales Staff at 602-723-9608 option 1 and ask about all the modifications we can offer.

How secure are the storage containers?

Storage containers are very secure and virtually vandal proof. As standard, there is provision for the fitment of padlocks to the door handles. For extra security we recommend a steel 'Lock Box' to be fitted to the storage container doors. Our 'Lock Box' is designed to accept a high security container padlock, and protect the lock from being tampered with. The padlocks we supply fit into our lock boxes with ease. They are supplied with numbered keys. We also offer a replacement key service on request.

Can you put a storage container anywhere?

We use 'Hi-ab' trucks fitted with their own crane to deliver the storage containers. The trucks require a hard ample access to the delivery site, and the on- board crane sets down the storage container from the side of the vehicle. Therefore we need at approximately 25' width to facilitate the offloading and there must be no overhead cables or overhanging trees in the way.

The delivery truck will be a maximum size of approximately either 34' or 60' long by 8'6" wide plus wing mirrors. With the storage container on the vehicle the height will be approx. 15' and when the crane is extended to its full height this will be approximately 25'.

If you are not sure about your site, then simply send us a drawing with dimensions and we will check that the delivery is feasible.

Within reason we can get a storage container almost anywhere. All our storage containers have specially designed corner castings for lifting and positioning, and the majority of 8ft, 10ft and 20ft containers also have forklift truck pockets. If you have any doubts call us and we'll arrange for an expert to visit your site and carry out a survey.

Do I need planning permission for a storage container?

Storage containers are non-permanent so in most cases not. However if the storage container is going to be in a residential area, near a road junction, or likely to cause complaints from neighbours, we recommend you check with your local planning authorities.

What should I put underneath the storage container?

Storage containers are self-supporting and do not need any special foundations, however for the doors to operate properly they should be placed on level ground. Our drivers can help with the positioning, however, it is the buyers responsibility to ensure the ground is adequately prepared and that you have the materials to make the storage container sit level. Examples of suitable materials are railways sleepers underneath the storage container, or a concrete paving block under each corner. Once level you can load up to 30 ton's in a container without problem.

For further information or other questions you may have visit out FAQ section regarding our storage containers for rental or sales or contact AZ Containers at 877-292-6937.

1. Restaurants/Cafe - I'll bet you've all seen the red UK style buses converted into quaint hamburger joints, but never a shipping container turned into ritzy New York contemporary cafe. Below is a portable contianer that transforms right before your very eyes.

2. Datacenters - Technology is my first love. Sun Microsystem's "Project Blckbox" is a prototype of the world’s first datacenter built into a shipping container and optimized to deliver extreme energy, space, and performance efficiencies to locations as diverse as deserts, disaster zones or even Mars. A complete datacenter ready to ship anywhere, just drop it on site and add power and connectivity and you’re up and running! How easy can it get.

3. Art & Oragami - The newly completed Nestle Chocolate Museum in Mexico City, designed by Rojkind Arquitectos, resembles an origami shipping container of sorts and serves as a public space where visitors can learn about and witness the production of Nestle chocolate. The most incredible fun fact about this structure is that it was completed in 2.5 months from start to finish, including design and construction. Transformed art.

4. Museums- The Nomadic Museum is the name given to a temporary structure composed of 156 shipping containers, housing the Ashes and Snow photography exhibit of Gregory Colbert. Gregory Colbert originally conceived of the idea for a sustainable traveling museum in 1999. He envisioned a structure that could easily be assembled in ports of call around the world, providing a transitory environment for his work on its global journey. 

Contact AZ Containers at Toll Free: 877 292 6937 for more information.

This incredibly cool shipping container/Illy cafe titled the “Push Button House” on  The Cool Hunter  ~ and it brought back a flood of memories, of all the other fascinating uses of shipping containers that have come up on NOTCOT in the past from instant server black boxes to bars to art galleries and more. But check out how this Illy one opens! And how much they pack in there? This might be the way to have the perfect mobile studio, and you can drop down in random locations all over the  United States or the world! 

For additional information please contact our Sales Staff at 602-723-9608 option 1 and ask about all the modifications we can offer. 
As you can see, the sky is the limit.